Why FPR material is the best for show caves!

Let Alexander Chrapko explain to you why FPR-Material ist the best and innovativ material to use in Showcaves!

Innovation - RFID controller from Cave Lighting

Light switching for guided tours through show caves using RFID cards / chips After an extensive development phase, we are proud to present our latest innovation - the CL-RFID module We use RFID technology, which enables automatic and contactless communication between the transmitter and receiver through electromagnetic radio waves, for the control of the management operation through the possibility of localization and to protect against unauthorized operation of the light switch.

Erklärfilm - Aufbereitung und Modernisierung von Tropfsteinhöhle Herbstlabyrinth, Hessen

Wir erstellen Ihren Image- / Unternehmensfilm und begleiten Sie von der Idee bis zur Post-Produktion. Fa. Cave Lighting, Herborn/Hessen in Herbstlabyrinth in Breitscheid/Hessen